Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management

Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management

  1. Productivity Tools (Text Editor, Spreadsheet, Database, etc.)
  2. Computer Systems (CPU, I/O Devices, Storage Devices/Media, etc.)
  3. Lab Management Systems (Korg, Roland, Lentines, etc.)
  4. Networks (Network Manager Software, Server, etc.)

Productivity tools are really helpful as a teacher to organize and maintain a smoothly run classroom environment. Microsoft Word, Open Office, Spreadsheets, and Databases are all great tools for this. Teachers can use Spreadsheets for attendance and grades, Microsoft Word for concert programs, and databases can be used for inventory of instruments.

Classroom and Lab Management are tools we can use to keep a class attentive and productive. As teachers we need this skill a lot so that our students can get everything they need from a class. Tools such as Classroom Dojo are great for keeping students interested and on their toes in day to day activities.

TI:ME Areas of Competency for Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management include

  • Create, edit, and store information or data in digital form.
  • Operate and configure operating systems as needed.
  • Take data from one program to another converting file formats as needed.
  • Manage the work of being a teacher.
  • Manage a technology facility, be it a single computer and MIDI workstation in a classroom or a full music technology multi-station lab.
  • Understand the basic functionality of the personal computer, the various input and output peripherals, and the variety of media used to store, transport, and retrieve information.
  • Know the basic software tools used to manage a music program.
  • Use word processing software to enter, edit, format and print text-based documents.
  • Use word processing software to create concert programs, class handouts, tests, and various other office-related documents.
  • Use database software can be used to store and retrieve records for instrument and music inventories, class lists, attendance, and grades. Spreadsheet programs assist with the management of data including budget management, bookkeeping, or grades.
  • Use graphics programs to integrate illustrations into classroom presentations or word processing documents.
  • Presentation software can be used to create overhead transparencies and slides for class lectures, or for presentations made to administrators, funding agencies, and parent groups. Personal Information Management (PIM) programs allow teachers to schedule rehearsals, meetings, and concerts, and to print customized calendars for students and parents.
  • Install and run various applications programs
  • Enter data, format pages, and print out reports.
  • Manage class activities and lab systems.
  • Provide for storage of student files.
  • Protect against computer viruses
  • Develop strategies for maintaining their facilities in a manner that ensures effective use of the workstations while accomplishing their program needs and the goals of their curriculum.
  • Understand the way that multiple systems work together in a networked lab environment
  • Understand how audio, MIDI, and computer data is managed and distributed between systems.
  • Operate networked server computers on which teachers may store classroom materials, and where students may post assignments for review. Today’s teachers must understand how these systems work to most effectively use them in support of better teaching and learning.
  • Specify equipment needs for their classroom or lab facilities,
  • Understand the interaction and configurations for electronic instruments, computers, MIDI interfaces, sound reinforcement, projection systems, and sound and data networking.
  • Manage music technology installations.

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