Computer based notation is great for use in and out out of the classroom because it is a quick and easy way to write music. With computer based Notation you are able to use an Electronic Instrument to input notes and hear back what you have written and also send it to other people in an easy to read, hard to lose format.

Some Notation software programs you can use are Finale, Sibelius, and Musescore. Finale and Sibelius are used the most in professional settings because they are easy to use and have lots of useful features. Many people use Musescore because it is free and comes with many features that other free programs do not have.

Here is a clarinet quartet I arranged on Finale:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.23.52 PM

Graphics Export

These programs are great to use in the classroom because students can come up with original compositions or arrange their favorite compositions for a group they perform with. As a teacher you can use these programs to create your own arrangements for your ensembles. 

TI:ME Areas of Competency for Notation include:

  • Create a score for any musical ensemble or instrument
  • Enter notes using various approaches including typing, point and click, step entry, and real-time entry.
  • Edited scores
  • Transpose songs
  • Cut, copy, and paste music
  • Add expression markings
  • Layout a complete musical score
  • Extract parts
  • Integrate notation files into word processing software for text handouts and exams
  • Integrate notation software into classroom activities
  • Demonstrate relationships between symbol and sound.
  • Guide students in the use of notation software as a creative tool for composition.
  • Guide students in learning the basics of notation
  • Teach students to hear what they write.

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