The writing prompts on wordpress didn’t interest me today

So I found one on Tumblr which is a way better site anyways.

“What if calories cost money?”


A Big Mac at 1 Cent per calorie would cost 5.50 (this is burger alone, not counting fries and soda which would add up to the 13.20 you see above) and celery would cost about 6 cents a stalk (or if you believe the myth, people would have to pay you to buy celery) Wouldn’t you much rather pay for the celery?

Now to be honest I thought there were more than 550 calories in a big mac, and truth be told I would totally pay 5.50 for a big mac and not feel bad about it…. But! I think the best part about this idea is making healthy food so much more accessible! It would be so great if people who can’t afford top quality food now could actually try to get healthy food! People who are struggling to buy food for themselves shouldn’t have to worry about how that food is going to affect them, they should be able to eat something that is yummy and nutritious and worry about other things in their lives.




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